BIM Life: Tarek Elashi’s Story

Posted by Andrea Lawson in BIM Life

The best way to describe Tarek Elashi is a true gentleman with a massive heart.  This man shows up in style, can’t be rushed, but will always put the work in.

Since starting with us back in October of 2014, Tarek has never missed a beat – training with us 5x days per week (no matter what!)

An absolute pleasure to be around, Tarek’s consistency and drive has enabled him to experience incredible results in terms of his strength, stamina, and functional capacity. His dedication has also driven him to achieve admirable changes to his body composition and overall health. We loving have him as a part of our BIM Family (in truth, we can’t imagine a BIM without him) and are so proud of all that he’s accomplished.

We love you Tarek!

Your BIM fam


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