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30-Day Group Training Trial


30-Day Group Training Trial

30 days of unlimited access for only $97

The decision to commit to a training program is hard, especially if you have never worked out at a gym before, are coming off of an injury, or had a bad experience at the last place you trained at.

Our 30-Day Group Training Trial program was created to take the stress out of the decision making process by giving you the chance to experience our kinesiology-based approach to strength and conditioning training without the pressure to sign up for a long-term gym membership.

What's Included

30-Minute Fitness Assessment

This is the first step in our training process. During your 30-minute assessment we will sit down with you to discuss your medical history, goals and lifestyle.

Physical Assessment

Following your fitness assessment, we will administer a Functional Movement Screen. The FMS™ will help us to identify any imbalances, past or present injuries and/or faulty movement patterns that could hold you back from reaching your goals.

Unlimited FxFit Group Training Sessions

Our FxFit classes will have you working out with no more than 12 like-minded people. These hour-long training sessions are safe, fun and effective. They’re designed to make you sweat, but won’t leave you feeling broken.

Custom Tailored Programming

Despite being a group class, each exercise is tailored to your ability. Meaning, we will give you with modifications, progressions and regressions as needed.

Two Semi-Private Training Sessions

Your Semi-Private training program is tailored to your needs and goals. Built using the information acquired during your initial assessment, we provide personalized direction that will give you confidence in your workouts and results you can see.

Kinesiologist Support

All of our training sessions are guided by one of our highly educated kinesiologists. They will show you how to perform each exercise, teach you how to use our equipment and ensure you are performing each exercise properly to keep you free from injury.

Nutrition Coaching

Your 30 day trial includes a one-on-one with our nutrition coach. During your meeting our nutrition coach will ask you questions about your current diet, then give you nutrition advice based on your goals and lifestyle that will facilitate your training program.

Supportive Environment

We will hold you accountable to your goals while providing you with a positive and supportive environment. We guarantee that becoming a part of our BIM family will make you feel connected, encouraged and motivated without any unnecessary pressure.

Find out what kinesiologist-supported training can do for you.

This 30-Day Trial...

  • Starts whenever you’re ready.
  • Includes a 30-minute fitness assessment with one of our kinesiologists.
  • Will give you unlimited access to our coach-supported group training sessions.
  • Includes two of our signature Semi-Private Training sessions – giving you personalized coaching in a shared training environment.
  • Includes a coaching session with our nutrition coach.
  • And will allow you to experience what we’re all about without the pressure to sign up for a long-term membership.
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Client Testimonials

  • When you put yourself in an environment where you are surrounded by people who inspire you to be great, you experience potential. The potential of others, and the potential in yourself. You learn that everyone started from somewhere less than where they’re at right now, and you gain the motivation you need to push yourself closer to your goals.

    Andrea Lawson
    BIM founder
  • No matter what physical state you’re in, the staff and members are supportive and able/willing to push you harder and challenge you every time.

    Trish Nickolson
    BIM client
  • Andrea and her team have worked with me to help correct muscle imbalances and improve my overall strength. Her use of the “Functional Movement Screen” has helped me to stay on track by giving me a score that I can improve upon. It is always motivating to see how your numbers improve in a relatively short period of time of working with her.

    Rob Elliot
    BIM client
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