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Balance in Motion is Richmond's premier fitness studio offering personal trainers, fitness classes, injury rehabilitation, and many other services to help you get stronger and live a healthier happier life. Our trainers are passionate, knowledgeable, and ready to help!


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"Since joining Balance in Motion I have noticed a big change in how I move, my strength, my endurance, my moods. That "little voice" in my head that used to tell me that I couldn't or wasn't good enough has finally learned to mind her own business." * results may vary

Kelly Mostat

BIM Member since 2013
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Classy Chicken

This simple chicken recipe is just that, simple. (Super) easy to prep, this veggie-packed dish comes together in a little over 30 minutes making it the perfect weeknight meal. When I first discovered this recipe I was a little skeptical about how all of the different flavour combinations would come together. Miso paste, coconut milk, […]

3 Neutral Grip Exercises with a Trap Bar

If you’ve been training at BIM, you may have noticed the hexagonal steel bar used to coach deadlifts… The Hex Bar, also known as a Trap Bar, allows you to have a more natural/neutral hand positioning with your palms facing your hips. Why should you care about a neutral grip? Not only does a neutral grip provide your working muscles […]

Mediterranean Salad with Beef

I got really excited when I found this recipe because it pairs some of my favourite flavours together to make one delicious, yet bold salad. Not only do you have the freshness of cucumbers and tomatoes, you also have the sharp taste of feta and olives. Top it off with some stir-fried beef and this is the perfect […]

Sunrise Sundae with French Toast Hash Browns

Let’s face it: if you’re at all physique-conscious, you likely gave up French Toast a long time ago.  But what if I told you you didn’t have to?  That’s right, with the help of some whole grain bread and omega-3 eggs, you can put French Toast back on your morning the menu… for good. ???? […]

Beef and Vegetable “Fettuccine”

I’m a big fan of pasta. It’s a quick and easy comfort food that tastes great no matter what time of year it is. Despite that however pasta is one of those things that many of us nix the moment we’re looking to trim a little fat and hit a particular fitness goal—because of it’s high-carb content. If that’s […]