12 Week Active Injury Rehabilitation Program

Our 12 Week Active Injury Rehabilitation Program is our keystone program at Balance In Motion and is designed to help you get your pre-injury life back.

Typically, when an individual experiences an injury, they either rest it—hoping that it will heal on its own—or seek out some sort of treatment to help alleviate the pain, such as physiotherapy. The problem with this method is that you never fully recover – creating a gap between getting out of pain, and returning to your normal body function. We specialize in bridging that gap – addressing the root of your pain, assessing your dysfunctions, and working with you to correct your faulty movement patterns so that you can get back to your pre-injury lifestyle.

Our entire coaching staff holds a degree in kinesiology and specialize in rehabilitation through exercise. We work with you to create a program that is personalized to ensure that you are doing exercises that won’t aggravate your current injuries or any additional conditions that you may be experiencing.

Our facility is recognized by a number of local physiotherapists, chiropractors and athletic therapists as a injury prevention and recovery centre. We work with a number of referral clients, and help people actively recover from the following:

  • Knee injuries and chronic knee pain
  • Low back pain
  • Neck strains, such as whiplash
  • Chronic tension in the neck and shoulders
  • Hip pain and sciatic-related issues
  • Muscle tears in the rotator cuff, hamstrings, and calves


Our exercise programs are tailored to you and your abilities. In other words, we work with your injury as opposed to forcing you to work through it. Your program is also progressively managed to ensure that progress is being maximized.

Our Process:

  • We start with an initial assessment, where we discuss your previous history of injury in full depth.
  • After that we will assess your posture – administering a few tests to determine the location of your muscular imbalances (where you may lack stability and/or mobility).
  • From there we move into a Functional Movement Screen, also known as a FMS test, to ensure that we fully understand your body’s compensation patterns.
  • Once we’re confident that we know everything that’s going on with your body, we prepare a personalized plan that specifically addresses all of the imbalances and restrictions revealed in your initial assessment.
  • The first phase to your recovery will be to address those imbalances to ensure that your movement is restored.


We not only teach you fundamental movement patterns (like squats and lunges) but also take the time to ensure that your everyday movements are strong and without compensation. Our coaches also have the skill-set to help you build up your core musculature so that it can serve its purpose and provides you with a foundation where all movement and strength can stem from.


Our 12 Week Plan:

During the 12 weeks of this program we re-assess your movement regularly, and will progress your program every three to four weeks. Our team of kinesiologists will be with you every step of the way. As pain dissipates and movement mechanics are perfected, we gently add strength and more complex exercises into your program; which ensures that you are moving forward with your abilities, function and overall performance.

In weeks 1 through 4 you will attend two personalized sessions with us per week. During those sessions we will also give you a tiny bit of homework (aka take-home exercises) to help facilitate your progress.

In weeks 5 through 8 we will increase your semi-private training sessions to three per week to help build up your tolerance, strength, endurance, and general work capacity.

When you get to weeks 9 through 12 of this program we will sit down with you to determine if you want to continue with three personalized training sessions per week, or reduce that number to two – replacing that extra semi-private session with one or two of our group training classes. Our group training sessions are slightly more intense than our semi-private classes, but give you the advantage of working in a group atmosphere; which a lot of people find to be motivating. That said, we know that group training isn’t for everyone and will help direct you to the best option for you.

Whether you have tried going to the gym on your own or have attended a group class and injured yourself, are afraid to start working out because you are inexperienced and afraid that you will get injured, or are currently injured and looking to get back to your pre-injury performance, this is the program that will help you achieve your goals free of pain.

Get your life back!

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DISCLAIMER: If you are currently suffering from an injury or chronic pain please detail the location and severity of that injury/pain on your application form.


Included in this program is:

  • A fitness & movement assessment (or reassessment if you have completed our BIM Academy Trial)
  • 2 semi-private training sessions per week (in weeks 1-4 and 9-12)
  • 3 semi-private training sessions per week (in weeks 5-8)
  • 4 FxFit classes per week in week 9-12 (these are our group training classes)
  • 5 personalized training programs (3 semi-private programs + 2 home programs)
  • 2 nutrition consultations with our certified on-site nutritionist