Extensive Weight Loss & Semi-Private Training Program

Our Extensive Weight Loss & Semi-Private Training Program is here to help remove the stress and guesswork often associated with weight loss to help you reach your desired body transformation goal safely and effectively.

Using the principles of kinesiology in combination with specialized training and full nutritional support this personalized program will help you achieve your desired weight goal, while sculpting and toning muscle, increasing your strength and boosting your energy level; leaving you with a body that you feel happy, confident and comfortable in.

This 12 week program will give you…

  • A personalized training and nutrition plan tailored to your goals, body type, sex and lifestyle
  • Dedicated coach support from our team of highly trained and personable kinesiologists
  • Extensive mindset training to help you break bad habits, create new sustainable ones and ultimately set you up for long-term success
  • The motivation and accountability coaching needed to stick with (and achieve) your desired weight loss goal
  • And a Functional Movement Screen (FMS™) to help identify any imbalances, past or present injuries and/or faulty movement patterns that could be holding you back from reaching your goals


When it comes to losing weight you need to place president on being healthy and productive – working out, eating right and being able to identify the unhealthy habits in your life (then removing those factors) to ensure that you reach your desired weight goal in the healthiest way possible; which ultimately ensures that you don’t fall back into old patterns.

This 12 week program is structured to give you that (and more!) all within our safe, supportive and non-threatening environment.

Let us help you build your dream body.

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Included in this program is:

  • A fitness & movement assessment (or reassessment if you are a current or returning member)
  • 2 semi-private training sessions per week
  • 2 FxFit classes per week (these are our group training classes)
  • 4 nutrition consultations with our certified on-site nutritionist (which includes nutrition/meal plans, weigh-ins and strategy sessions)
  • Weekly email nutrition coaching
  • 3 personalized training programs


NOTE: This program is fully customized to your needs and goals and will evolve as targets are met and goals are achieved to ensure that you are progressing rather than plateauing.
DISCLAIMER: If you are currently suffering from chronic pain please detail the location and severity of that pain on your application form.