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Two of Our Favourite (Healthy) Condiments

What’s a burger without ketchup? Chicken wings without ranch or blue cheese dressing? Nachos without salsa and guacamole? A kebab without the tzatziki and hummus… I think you get where I’m going with this – condiments make the meal. We all have our favourite condiment, but I thought I’d share two of my favs – hummus and […]

Tahini Veggie Dip

I always like to have healthy snacks on-hand for those moments when I’m feeling a bit nibbly, which can be often when you work at a desk job like I do most days. It’s easy to fall off the health wagon when you’re at work. But if you plan ahead and prep some healthy meals […]

Dairy-Free Tzatziki

When I gave up dairy I thought that my days of enjoying creamy things were over. And they were, for a time. If you’re living a dairy-free existence like me, you know – most dairy-free alternatives leave a lot to be desired. They’re often nothing like the thing they’re supposed to be mimicking, and loaded with less-than-desirable ingredients […]

Recipe of the Week: Artichoke & Almond Paté

I’m a sucker for a good paté. So when I stumbled upon this vegan artichoke & almond paté recipe from Nourishing Meals I knew I had to make it. This paté is a wonderful dip for raw vegetables, spread for crackers or bread—it’s delicious in a sandwich—or can even be rolled into a romaine lettuce or chard leaf  for an extra healthy […]

Recipe of the Week: Yam, Millet and Kale Fritters

A few weeks ago I was craving yams, and knew I had to do something about it. What I didn’t know, was how I was going to satisfy my craving. I mean, I could have made yam fries (which I’ll admit, I love as much as anyone else) but I felt like something a little more […]