Everything You Need to Know About Deadlifts

Posted by Andrea Lawson in Mobility & Flexibity

In keeping with this week’s theme of Why Strength Matters I thought there would be no better topic to discuss than Deadlifting. Deadlifts are a personal favourite of mine with benefits second to none.

To help demystify the deadlift, I thought I’d share one of my all-time favourite blog posts with you. This post is written by Mike Robertson, and will literally teach you everything you need to know about deadlifts. Not only does Mike explain how—

  • deadlifts can benefit your overall strength development
  • improve sport performance
  • prevent injury


He also goes through the various types of deadlifts – explaining the difference between the conventional, sumo, snatch grip, Romanian, and trap bar variations, (including how to set-up for them) outlining the different grip variations, and explains which grip is appropriate for you and your individual needs. So if you have ever been confused about any of the deadlift variations, this is the post for you.

Mike finishes his epic article by thoroughly reviewing the deadlift flaws and coaching cues. Closing with a list of accessory exercise suggestions to help fix your deadlift.

Whether you’re new to the deadlift or have been deadlifting for years, I highly recommend that you read Mike’s post. A few times. I know I have 😉



Click HERE to read Deadlift by Mike Robertson


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