Training for Teams and Athletes

Specialized Training Programs To Maximize Athletic Development and Performance

Team TrainingAt Balance In Motion we offer specialized team training for athletic and performance development. With a heavy emphasis on improving sport specific movement patterns, strength and conditioning, and power production we give our athletes the tools needed to optimally perform and excel in their sport while reducing risks for future injury.

Balance In Motion team training is available to athletic teams from any sport, as well as tactical teams outside of sport. Our unique approach is universal in developing high performance athletes and high performing tactical professionals.

Each of our athletes receives a thorough functional physical assessment to evaluate movement capacity, injury risk, muscular and structural imbalances, and sport specific performance measures.

Based on the needs of the individual athletes and the team as a whole, we produce highly structured and specialized training programs to maximize athletic development and performance.


Our teams have included, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Richmond Rapids Swim Teams
  • Seafair Minor Hockey
  • Volleyball Canada
  • Richmond Minor Baseball
  • MayFair Lakes Junior Golf Team
  • YVR Vancouver Airport Firefighters

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