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Balance in Motion is Richmond's premier fitness studio offering personal trainers, fitness classes, injury rehabilitation, and many other services to help you get stronger and live a healthier happier life. Our trainers are passionate, knowledgeable, and ready to help!


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"Since joining Balance in Motion I have noticed a big change in how I move, my strength, my endurance, my moods. That "little voice" in my head that used to tell me that I couldn't or wasn't good enough has finally learned to mind her own business." * results may vary

Kelly Mostat

BIM Member since 2013
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Pumpkin Pie Bars

Yes these are as good as they sound. Heck, they’re even better. These surprisingly easy to make pumpkin pie bars are high in protein, thanks to the added protein powder, making them the perfect post-workout or grab n’ go snack—if you’re feeling like something sweet. Give them a go! You’ll be glad that you did. 😉 […]

Two of Our Favourite (Healthy) Condiments

What’s a burger without ketchup? Chicken wings without ranch or blue cheese dressing? Nachos without salsa and guacamole? A kebab without the tzatziki and hummus… I think you get where I’m going with this – condiments make the meal. We all have our favourite condiment, but I thought I’d share two of my favs – hummus and […]

Fajita Chicken and Rice

I’m not going to lie, some nights I have about 15-20 minutes to throw dinner together. Sound familiar? Preparing a quick and healthy meal can sometimes be a challenge, which is why I love this fajita chicken and rice recipe. Not only does it taste delicious, it comes together in a pinch and leaves you with […]

The Power of Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone

There’s nothing worse than living inside of your comfort zone. Yes it feels safe and comfortable when you’re in it (which is a big reason why most of us never leave our comfy little bubble) but it’s impossible to live a life of true happiness if you stick with what’s safe. A fact I recently learned […]

Why We Don’t Program Sit-Ups into Your Workouts

If you’ve ever opened a fitness magazine, looked through Instagram workouts or read a personal training manual, chances are, you’ve seen or heard about Sit-Ups. A traditional Sit-Up, like the one pictured above, has been used as an endurance test and a go-to abdominal exercise for at least half a century. There are several reasons […]

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